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Honeymoon – Sailing Across the Ocean in Style

(honeymoon story continued…) Had it really only been 12 hours earlier that we boarded the ship?  It seemed like time was going so slowly yet fast too.  After an uneventful evening, we woke rested and ready for our first official day on the Queen Mary II.  The day before had been such a whirlwind of taking in the sights...

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Honeymoon – The Queen Mary II

In my last honeymoon post, I told you about the first day that we spent aboard the Queen Mary II.  But I don’t feel like my descriptions accurately portrayed just how incredible it was, so I want to try to show you what the ship looked like.  Let me first say that pictures simply do...

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Honeymoon – Day Four

(Honeymoon story continued…) It was Wednesday morning of our honeymoon adventure and we only had a few hours until we resumed our journey.  So I spent my morning doing what every other red-blooded American girl in New York would do – I went shopping.  I was looking for something specific (for the life of me...

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